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How long have you been shooting weddings?


I shot my first wedding in 2006. It’s a funny story—remind me to tell you. In my early career I continued to shoot weddings while exploring other kinds of photography. In 2009 I came full circle and began to shoot weddings full time.

Do you shoot LGBT weddings?


I have not yet had the pleasure to shoot any LGBT weddings as of yet, but I’m looking forward to booking some in the near future. I would like to book about 50/50 hetero/LGBT weddings

Why should we hire you?


You should hire me because I would be a great fit for you and your wedding.

A lot of couples seek me out because of my reputation for making anyone (especially if you're camera-shy) feel natural and comfortable in front of my camera. 

 Don’t miss the chance to get a moving documentary of your relationship and community.

Do you charge for multiple photographers?


I always work with an assistant in captuering memories. My assistant is also on hand for moral support (for me and you!).

I recommend a second photographer for most events with more than 150 guests or 3+ locations. I can tell you more about my unobtrusive philosophy when we meet.

Do you charge a travel fee?


I don’t charge travel within the Greater Boston area.

When I shoot weddings more than two hours from Boston, I like to stay over the night before so I’m ready for my A-game when the morning of the wedding arrives. If my assistant/2nd photographer and I are staying over for your wedding a $350 travelers‘ fee will be necessary.



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